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SEOL Video of 100 Fundamentals Videos in SELC-W Courseware
PSOL Practice Test Series of Full 45 Tests in PLC-W Courseware
IESOL Practice Test Series of Full 50 Tests in ILC-W Courseware

  • Who we are

    We are educational technology provider for English-proficiency tests i.e IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Standard English. We develop Courseware (Educational Software) facilitating Computer-Based Learning.

  • What we do

    We create teacher tools and Classroom Management Software providing quality study materials to support classroom objectives.

  • Our Motivation

    Equipping teachers (An Institute) with technology is our motivation; we simplify your experience of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Standard English teaching by providing quality resources. We are your R&D team, you can instruct us to create content and apt software for your language school.



ILC-W is IELTS Instructional toolkit written for IELTS Training for Educational Institutes; categorized into two parts, IELTS Smart-Instructions in 27 PREZI presentations offering 80 hours (110 Videos) of interactive instructions covering each of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, second IELTS Practice using IESOL Practice Test Series providing 50 new Computer-Based IELTS practice.

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PTE LEARNING COURSEWARE(PLC-W) is a PTE Training toolkit for Educational Institutes; categorized into three parts, PTE Smart-Instructions in 20 PREZI presentations elucidating four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, second PSOL Practice Test Series which comprise of PSOL-Software providing 45 practice tests, supported by, PTE collocation Software and Scoring Infographics.

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STANDARD ENGLISH LEARNING COURSEWARE(SELC-W) is Instructional toolkit meant for Basic English where 80+ authenticated instructional video lectures designed in PREZI to learn basics of English with valid question practice series. It covers seven basics of English from basic rules, parts of speech, traditional grammar, tenses, vocabulary, phonetics, and language processing.

More Detail

  • A Smart Admin-Panel for Every student of Your Institute

    Once you associate with us,you can create a unique login for your students where you can track their performance,progress and analyse every step of your students. Admin panel has been designed to use it from anywhere with ease and flexibility.

  • Fully automated Practice Test Series Included

    Every courseware has have it's own practice test series providing full length practice which simulate exactly like real tests. Performing under your teacher's assistance will prepare students for the real test daily.

  • Covers Fundamental to Advanced Level

    The content of the courseware is apt and appropriate as it has been designed and written by the Professionals of Langauge tests. You can see the content in free-trial only.

  • Efficient and Long-term Association

    We are dedicated to create long-term associations which removes the insecurities. We have history of half-decade and we are happy to have real connections, than meagre financial-bullying. You can completly trust us and can ask us for anything you need.

What They Think About Us

In half a decade, we evolved and helped hundred institutes,worldwide. Thanks and gratitude for all who motivated us for betterment; your words let us evolve daily.